Used bulk containers (also called tote bins) are produced from metal, wire mesh, cardboard and plastic. These products are made as rigid and collapsible containers, and each type has its specific characteristics to match different uses.

Plastic tote bins are very durable and strong because they are produced from rigid structural foam stuff. These types of containers are the most suitable for manufacturing applications such as part storage and part transport. The weight capacities of these containers differ, thus a consumer can select the one that will best meet his/her needs. All plastic containers are fitted with drop doors, which make it possible for users to easily access items lying at the base of the container. The drop doors are extremely beneficial in all instances except when products are stored loosely.


Cardboard tote bins (sometimes referred to as Gaylord boxes or cartons) are produced from plastic injection molders. Cardboard containers are in great demand because they are utilized for carrying several items, from light things like vegetables to heavier items. The demand for cardboard tote bins is far greater than the supply. Since these containers are utilized for several different purposes, they are produced in various designs, thickness and capacities. These products need not be large or bulky, even though they are referred to as bulk bins. These types of containers possess two to five partition layers, and containers with more layers are typically stronger than containers with less number of layers. Cardboard containers can be reutilized up to four or five times and can be folded flat for ease of transportation.

Metal containers are usually rigid even though there are some that are collapsible. These types of containers are extremely useful for storing parts within a manufacturing setting. They are most suitable as metal shipping bins. The partially collapsible containers can be folded up at the sides to enable the user reduce the size or height of the container. These containers can be stacked smartly towards the side or corner. Visit to learn more about metal bins.

Wire containers are a version of metal containers. Wire tote bins are made from wire mesh, and are quite different from the ones produced from steel tubes and sheets. These Container Exchanger have a lower carrying capacity compared to other tote bins and are lighter in weight. Most users, however, prefer them due to their carrying convenience as well as their light weight. Wire mesh containers are reasonably priced as well as durable. The underside of these bins is produced from tubular steel and they can easily be cleaned using hose or steam.